RJ45 Boot

Available colours:
White Red Blue Green Grey Black


  • RJ45BOOT/WHITE - RJ45 boot, white
  • RJ45BOOT/RED - RJ45 boot, red
  • RJ45BOOT/BLUE - RJ45 boot, blue
  • RJ45BOOT/GREEN - RJ45 boot, green
  • RJ45BOOT/GREY - RJ45 boot, grey
  • RJ45BOOT/BLACK - RJ45 boot, black
  • Snag-less boot/s for CAT5 / CAT5E / CAT6 networking cable
  • Protect the plug latch from snagging when pulling cords
  • Cable boot/s provide cable end colour ID, added strain relief and plug tab protection when dragging through ceilings and under floors