Samsung TV Replacement Remote

Available colours:


  • URC1910 - Samsung TV Replacement Remote
  • Replacement remote for all Samsung TVs Guaranteed to work 100% of all Samsung TV models
  • There is no setup required for most Samsung televisions – simply insert the batteries and start using it
  • Glowing Volume and Channel keys provide easy control in the dark
  • Full learning feature – add any function from any other remote control
  • A soft anti-slip grip and raised digit 5 key provide easy and comfortable control
  • Keys include all common Samsung functions like: Menu, Guide, HDMI and Smart Hub
  • This is the only true Samsung Replacement remote

The TV manufacturers tend to use the same codes and only refresh them every so often. As a result for a TV that has not launched yet there is a good chance that it will use existing codes already in the remote load. If the TV manufacturer launches new codes on a new TV (which we don’t know about yet) the remotes have learning capability so a user will be able to use their original remote in order code ‘teach’ their One For All remote the codes. If there are major changes to the codes we would look to launch a new revision