RJ45 & RJ11 network cable tester

Available colours:


  • RJ45/TEST - RJ45 & RJ11 network cable tester
  • RJ45 + RJ11 LAN cable tester with master and remote box
  • Tests connections on RJ11 and RJ45 cables
  • Test length depended on the battery condition
  • Ideal for enthusiasts who wish to make their own network cables
  • Network cable tester UTP, coaxial telephone and also detects the pin-out cables
  • Allows checking UTP 10Base-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000-Base-TX RJ11 telephone cable and RJ12
  • Allows testing of small hoses or cabling network and has since installed two modules (local and remote)
  • The local module features simple RJ45 and RJ11 female and an 8 pin LEDs for checking pin (origin and destination)
  • The remote module has female RJ45, RJ11 female connector and a line of 8 LEDs to check the status pin to pin cable
  • Both modules can be coupled together