15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)

Available sizes:
2m 3m 5m 10m 15m 20m


  • VL80 - 2m - 15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)
  • VL81 - 3m - 15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)
  • VL82 - 5m - 15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)
  • VL83 - 10m - 15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)
  • VL84 - 15m - 15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)
  • VL85 - 20m - 15 pin VGA plug / VGA plug (gold)
  • Thumbwheel locking screws
  • High density 15 pin connectors
  • Robust high quality moulded plugs
  • 24k Gold plated connectors for superior signal transfer
  • Ideal for computer monitors and LCD/Plasma screen connections
  • Ferrite interference suppressors ensure unmatched ultra clean picture performance
  • Secure connection VGA plugs - radial cut plug end creates a secure connection to a socket whilst allowing easy connection and removal when required
  • Individually shielded and fully screened to eliminate RF and EM interference high grade O.F.C (Oxygen Free Copper) conductor for minimum signal loss

    Go the distance without ghosting or signal distortion. Constructed from premium grade composite coaxial and twisted pair shielded cables, this ultra-premium monitor cable ensures crisp, distortion-free video so you have maximum monitor positioning flexibility.

    Use it for video projectors, video splitters, KVM switches within video presentations, classroom environments, POS devices, server rooms, etc. Will accommodate cable runs up to 100 feet without a booster (in most cases)